What If I….. owned a coffee brand?


We all have ideas and hopes of creating our own brands, and I for one constantly find inspiration everywhere I look. But as I can’t start a new business every time inspiration hits, I have started the ‘What If I’ blog series, simply for my own entertainment and to be able to explore, imagine and design my own brands and products that will never hit the shelves.


 It’s 10.15am, kettle is on and the cups are out, it’s nearly time for pop master! Since the world told us to go home in march, working from home has forced new rituals to arise in all our households, some for convenience, some purely for sanity.

One that has stuck in our household (when not disturbed by meetings or phone calls), is the sultry voice of Ken Bruce, welcoming us to grab a hot beverage and join the nation in his daily pop quiz.  The coffee’s made, seats are taken and the quiz is underway.

Sitting at the dining room table, or what is currently know as ‘the office’, smelling the coffee and listening to Leanne from Tunbridge Wells desperately trying to remember Barry Manilow’s first number 1, I think to myself, what if I had my own brand of coffee?

Before I know it, I’m thinking of names and colour palettes, and so begins the start of my coffee brand. Now I could start getting out the distressed wood, Kraft card and chalkboard paint, but I would want my brand to be more colourful, stand out and be slightly playful in design.

I used a grain effect typeface for the logo to emulate the ground coffee, and 3 colour combinations that can be used individually or together.

The colours would flow throughout, being used on the coffee cups, packaging and menus with the teal being the primary colour for branding. To add interest, I have used 3 pattern designs, each unique to its own colour combination, plus picking up the coffee grinder icon from the logo, and using this as the roast strength on the packaging.

Inside my coffee shop, it would be fresh and light, white tiles, marble and light wood being used on the furniture, making the branding colours stand out and giving it a fresh cafe feel.

I feel the colours are the true winner in this design, I can just see the packaging being really visual on shelves and tempting people in. There is an option to extend the colours or patterns for the packaging to create a spectrum, but maybe I’ll save that idea for another day.

Oh and it was ‘Mandy’ for Bazza’s first number 1.